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Upskill at your own pace, in your own home or on the go, with Community Skills Initiative and NCW Tech Alliance. Courses are available in English and Spanish.
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Managing Project Stakeholders
Life as a Programmer Software Development
Operating Systems
Creating a Business Plan
Intro to Data & Data Analysis
Developing Your Emotional Intelligence
Unconscious Bias
Foundations of Raising Capital
Small Business Marketing
Working with Computers and Devices
Managing Projects with Microsoft 365
Project Management Foundations (PMF)
Developing Resilience
Cloud Administration
Time Management Fundamentals
What Is Business Analysis?​
Modeling Data
February 1 - March 31, 2024

Want to win cash for skilling?

Join the free UpSkill-A-Thon challenge! You may be eligible if you live in Washington state. See each competition page for more details.
Note: Only courses started and completed between February 1, 2024 - March 31, 2024 count towards the UpSkill-A-Thon.

Get Ready For In-Demand Careers

The following series of courses are designed to help you learn and achieve more. If you're new to technology-related skills, try out Foundational Skills. Already know the basics? Check out in-demand roles and earn a Career Essentials Certificate. You must have a LinkedIn account to participate. Don't already have a LinkedIn account? Follow the instructions on our FAQ page to set up a free account.
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NCW Tech Alliance

NCW Tech Alliance brings people and technology resources together while supporting entrepreneurs, STEM education, and technology in North Central Washington.

Our CSI Mission

Promote digital skills and employability
Offer learning pathways and industry-recognized credentials
Create equitable access to skilling
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Dominique & Ashley

2022 UpSkill-A-Thon winner, South Carolina

We decided to sign up for the Up-Skill-A-Thon after viewing what courses would be beneficial in our profession. We work with Microsoft 365 daily and we were amazed after learning what we could do with it after taking the courses. The extra plus was that all these courses were at no expense to us.


2022 UpSkill-A-Thon winner, California

I am currently unemployed. I decided to sign up for the UpSkill-A-Thon in order to help push me to learn some new things along with going over some skills that needed to be brushed up. I expect that my new skills will help me in my way through life in work and out of work. Improving my skills through practice to hopefully improve my standing in the field of coding.


2022 UpSkill-A-Thon winner, California

Prior to enrolling in School or the Community Skills online training I found myself struggling to find a job like many families we too were affected by the pandemic and the cost of living. Being a stay at home mom for so long and outdated work history and work experiences presented some challenges on my resume and even more trying to figure out how to write that on an online application.


2022 UpSkill-A-Thon winner, California

I have always said that when my daughter graduated from high school that I would go back to school. This was a way to get me started. Hopefully soon, I can enroll in a few classes. I believe the computer skills that I learned will benefit me the most. The computer skills I had were very outdated, and I’m excited to use the new information that I learned.


2022 UpSkill-A-Thon winner, California

The course I found very useful to my personal situation was the course titled "Finding a Job". I have not been employed in a few years, so sometimes it can feel very intimidating to try to get back into working with a gap in my resume. This course broke it down into easier steps for me on how to go about finding a job again without feeling overwhelmed and not even knowing where to start.


2022 UpSkill-A-Thon winner, California

I am currently a student at a school in Murrieta. My mom thought it would be cool if me, my brother, and my step-father pitch in and work on the competition together so that we can not only win a cool prize, but to acknowledge life skills and career skills that are needed in modern-day workplaces during this high-demanding, technological generation!


2022 UpSkill-A-Thon winner, California

I feel these new skills have helped me in many ways by simply adding more certificates to my LinkedIn account so employers could notice. These new skills have also improved my resume in many ways. I would like to share that this journey has changed my mind about remote education. It opened so many doors to education advances. I'm excited about the future.


2022 UpSkill-A-Thon winner, California

I learned about the UpSkill-A-Thon from my career development coach, Thomasinia Marshall. Thomasinia believed the UpSkill-A-Thon would be an opportunity to develop my workplace skills and demonstrate my willingness to continue learning.


2022 UpSkill-A-Thon winner, Montana

As a solo parent, I have a lot to juggle, and learning on LinkedIn's Learning's platform across platforms was such a time saver. I decided to sign up for the UpSkill-A-Thon so that I could refresh my employability skills, learn something new and reenter the workforce with confidence.


2022 UpSkill-A-Thon winner, California

I worked on an ambulance doing 911 and critical care transportations for ~8 years. A few months ago I was positioned in a new role and felt I could really benefit from some process improvements but didn't exactly know how to translate what I was thinking into something clean and easy on the computer. Courses like Entrepreneurship, professional soft skills and project management gave me new tools to improve being a leader and even a father, husband and coach.


2022 UpSkill-A-Thon winner, Alabama

I currently study at Southern Union State Community College where I am about to graduate with an Associates of Science in General Studies. I signed up for UpSkill-A-Thon because I wanted to add to my skill set and increase my digital literacy. UpSkill-A-Thon offered what I was looking for and more.


2022 UpSkill-A-Thon winner, Montana

I'm studying Pre-Med at Salish Kootenai College and working at private sleep diagnostics clinic hospital in Missoula. I enjoyed the Finding a Job during Challenging Economic Times. I changed my resume because of it and it has helped. I got responses on LinkedIn which was awesome..


2022 UpSkill-A-Thon winner, Kansas

I signed up after my school's College and Career Ready Director emailed my class about the opportunity.  Participating in the competition meant that I would be able to earn certificates that would help prove my career readiness, something incredibly valuable to a high schooler such as myself.

Christy & Tamerica

2022 UpSkill-A-Thon winners, Alabama

I work at the Boys and Girls Club of  East Central Alabama and study at  community college. Working with computers and devices was my most valuable course. I know more about computers than I thought I would ever know by taking this course.


2022 UpSkill-A-Thon winner, Kansas

After completing the "Foundation Skills" courses, my confidence spiked, and my inner critic was silenced.  I am incredibly thankful the challenge was online! I could set my schedule and learn from the comfort of my home.


2022 UpSkill-A-Thon winner, Kansas

I've been a stay at home mom. Since I've been out of the work force for several years, I thought it'd be wise to amp up my technology and skills. There was so much valuable information in these pathways that I can immediately put to use.


2022 UpSkill-A-Thon winner, Louisiana

I am employed as a library assistant for the Tangipahoa Parish Library. Administrative Professional was the area that I chose to study because it is closely related to the job I have. Many of the skills I learned have helped me to be a better employee.


2022 UpSkill-A-Thon winner, Washington

I am a senior in high school and live in the small town called Tonasket, WA. More specifically, I have been living up in the mountains near the town for about 6 years now. I feel like these new skills that I have developed will greatly help me when I move out and start being in a workplace environment.


2022 UpSkill-A-Thon winner, Kansas

I am a Bangladeshi foreign student. I want to mention that my journey as a woman from a third-world nation and a first-generation student was not easy. Despite the difficulties and challenges, I have come a long way and still have a long way to go. Thank you Flagship Kansas for organizing this competition. It was a very effective way to encourage people to learn new skills and connect with each other.


2022 UpSkill-A-Thon winner, Alabama

I am a Junior at Woodland High School and I currently work as a cashier at Walmart. I believe my new skills will help me with my schooling and my future career as a whole.

Our Local Partners

Community Skills Initiative is provided in collaboration with the following local organizations offering group learning opportunities:
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